Akita health issues to be aware of

Now that you’re convinced that you’re ready to welcome an Akita Inu to your home, you have to be properly educated also on the health problems of this dog. It is sad see a dog with so many ailments even if they are 100% health and energetic. Sometimes you can not prevent this from happening — it is part of their DNA.

Akita puppies should be given vaccines once they reach 11 to 16 months old. They’re prone to health conditions that may be brought about their gene pool especially if the dogs are of pure breed. There are health problems specific to Akitas and the first, being common to large dogs, is Hip dysplasia.

It’s wise to have your Akitas undergo an x-ray to make sure that he is free from this problem. It’s advised to have him checked when he reached 12 months. Research showed that animals like the Akita puppies undergo drastic changes within their joints after they reached 12 months. Although hip problems depend a lot on genes meaning it is indeed hereditary. Also, the environment, diet and well-being of the Akita can also determine if such a condition could be present.

Since not all dogs are born with a kink in their genes, you can never be sure that that puppy you are holding in your arms will turn out to be free from these health conditions. Another condition found among the Akita Inu is called Entropion. This is a condition that allows the lids of the eyes to roll inward thus making the lashes scrub the eyeball. It causes severe irritation and can definitely cause an eye infection if left untreated.

Due to the massiveness of the Akitas, it is normal to see them pudgy looking but if they appear irritable and they pace a lot and drool, they may be suffering from bloat. The poor dog cannot even lie down peacefully and may also appear stressed out. Do not let a day pass without visiting the Vet since bloat is another of the health conditions of Akita puppy owners.

If you are really interested in adopting one or buying one, better plump up your savings account since you will be charging a lot to your credit card once he arrives. Well, there is one mental condition that is prevailing among the Akitas. It is Epilepsy. This is also hereditary since the bloodline of the Akitas is crossed with those of the German Shepherds, Poodles, German Shorthair Pointers and St. Bernards to name a few. These epileptic dogs are not to be bred anymore since Epilepsy is incurable but controlled only through proper medications. These dogs should not be placed under a stressful environment. Like humans, they should be properly taken cared of especially during seizures. Their medications are a little steep since they are downers and often are regulated by Law. Do not begin to panic once they start acting funny. Go straight to the Vet and find out what is really wrong.

There is a long list of health conditions that these Akita Inu breed has. They are difficult to train due to their strong-willed personality and they are also difficult to be quite hospitable and behaved among visitors. Well, they can be kept still in one place if they are either sick.

No one of his right mind would want to see a dog waste his life so it would be a great advice that before you really take the plunge in purchasing or adopting the cute furry Akita Inu, you have to be ready to give him some proper nutrition at all times. Food mostly high in protein content like fish is recommended.

Since they are originally from Japan, the staple food there is all about rice, fish and vegetables so this would be also best for the Akita puppy even if he is millions of miles away from the Land of the Rising Sun. These dogs do not get food frantic and eat a lot of branded dog food or little chewable food like the German Shepherds. They are happy to be fed two meals a day. If you find it difficult to find fresh fish, dry food is acceptable as long as you let it soak in water and allow it to expand before you feed it to the dog.

Super Man has x-ray visions and his eyes are really so powerful it could even penetrate through skin. Unfortunately, the Akita Inu, considered as popular as Super Man, has some health conditions that affect its eyesight. It is called Progressive Retinal Atrophy or PRA. This abnormality is found in some Akita puppies and sad to say, this condition is not reversible. There are quite high chances that your puppy or when he matures, can go blind.

There is another condition that affects almost 70% of the Akita breed. You can bring your puppy to the Vet and have him take a blood sample to determine if such a condition exists in your puppy. This is an ailment known as Hypothyroidism. This condition makes the dog suddenly aggressive if it is a female. Usually they are mild-mannered at times. They itch a lot but you have to make sure it not just fleas and they excrete a very musky odor.

The last condition that you have to look out for is when your puppy’s fur begins to fall out in big clumps. Now don’t think he ate something bad. They are having a health condition known as Sebaceous Adenitis. You really have to consider a trustworthy Vet to help you conquer these conditions that are quite present in the Akita breed. It is a sad situation though that all these conditions are present in your puppy after you have the Vet check him.

It would be painful, traumatic and costly to see a tiny energetic bundle of fur has a death wish. It’s not too late since you haven’t decided yet. All these things are given for your review.

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