basic Dog Training Tips and Techniques every dog owner should know

There are many dog training techniques and styles and some vary according to the dogs breed. There are various items and training tools to help even the novice train a dog successfully. The one thing that is always required when training a dog is patience, understanding and the ability to read your dog successfully.

There are different types of training and they can differ depending on what you want your dog to do. The most basic of training for all dogs is basic commands such as sit, heel, stay, come and fetch. Another basic training for all dogs is house training. All of these training methods are essential to having a good relationship with your dog.

There are training methods for easing a dog’s aggressive behavior, teaching a dog not to bark or whine, basic behaviors, biting, chewing, digging and many others. All of these, however, should be taught only after basic commands are taught and they are successfully house trained. This stops the dog becoming confused and keeps your patience and sanity intact!

Obedience in dogs is not automatic; while some dog breeds are albeit better than others, they still have to be taught to obey their owners. If they are not taught obedience, the dog may become unruly, aggressive and you may find yourself unable to cope.

Let’s look at housebreaking your new puppy or your rescue dog. When you first get your new dog is when you should start to work on getting the dog broken into the routine. Puppies will want to relieve themselves much more than an older dog, so you have to be able to take note of the times your puppy will want to go.

The usual times a puppy needs to go is straight after food or water, so take care to note what your dog does when. The important thing to remember is to not get angry with your puppy if they do make mistakes or have any accidents. Accidents will happen and they may be plentiful, so stay patient and don’t scold the animal if they get it wrong.

It isn’t until a dog is 12 weeks plus that they will be able to have any sort of control over their bladder functions. This is why it is imperative to start training straight away and get them into a good routine. The dog will soon realize that when you take him outside it is time to go, it may take a while and don’t take your eye off the dog when outside. This way you can be sure it has actually done what it needs to do before you take him back inside!

Other forms of dog training such as agility commands and activities will take time, but they can be a lot of fun and exercise for both of you. You may wasn’t to get a professional dog trainer to help you, especially if you are considering entering the dog into agility competitions.

There are other forms of dog training that are more serious; there are dogs that are trained to lead blind people, help disabled people, the elderly, to help find surviving victims of disasters, fire dogs, police dogs and many more. These are always trained professionally and usually by specialty organizations that deal specifically with training for those occurrences.

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