How To Use A Puppy Training Crate the easy way!

As a new puppy parent getting a puppy training crate can help to housebreak your puppy and keep her from chewing things up. Using a training crate can be the most effective method in house breaking your puppy and doing it at a record speed.

As a rule, dogs do not like to do their business where they sleep and do not like to do their business in a confined area. Have your puppy with you when you are home and awake and get your puppy used to a walking schedule. Everyone has a different schedule due to work or school, but ideally, a dog should be walked at least two or three times a day.

Walking your puppy and placing him in the training crate when you are not home or in bed, go hand in hand. When you walk your puppy, encourage him to do his business on the walk and compliment him when he does. At the same time, the puppy will realize that he is in the puppy training crate because he cannot do his business inside your house.

So how big should a puppy training crate be? Well, this all depends on the size of your puppy. You need to realize that most puppies do not stay small and cute forever. When a dog turns one year old, he is as developed as a seven-year-old child.

This means that a puppy will develop and grow very quickly and at one to three months, a puppy will already whine, bark, growl, and do other things that dogs do. At six months, your puppy will already grow to twice or three times the size it was when it was born. By nine to ten months, your puppy will already be almost full-grown.

You need to take this into account when you buy a puppy training crate. It should be big enough for your puppy to move around comfortably and it should be big enough to be able to place your puppy’s food and water dishes inside. Remember that if you don’t have the conditions right, your puppy will whine because it will be uncomfortable. You don’t want to start another problem by solving the first one.

Never keep your puppy in the training crate when you are around unless it is for punishing him for misbehaving. Remember, your puppy will become part of your family.

As your puppy grows, he will become a four-legged companion for the whole family and a great playmate for the kids. Hence, you should get your puppy used to every member in the family and it should be around everyone in the family. Only when you are all away or asleep for the night, should you keep your puppy in the training crate.

Furthermore, take your puppy for frequent walks, especially when young. Younger puppies tend to eat more because of their rapid growth and development, so they also tend to use the bathroom more. Get the puppy accustomed to the idea that he needs to go outside to use the bathroom. The puppy training crate should be big enough for the puppy to be comfortable, yet small enough for the puppy not to use it as a bathroom.

Remember, your puppy should eventually be weaned off the training crate as it learns that it’s bathroom is outside, when you walk him. By the time your puppy turns one year, it should already be house broken and should not need the puppy training crate anymore. Once your puppy is house broken, you should encourage him to sleep in a doggy bed or in a place where the puppy feels comfortable.

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