Proven Ways to Stop Bad Dog Behavior Instantly

Almost every dog owner that I speak with has a horror story or two about bad dog behavior. The conversation typically starts with them asking, “What can I do about…….”.

Be it jumping on the couch or an aggressive tendency, the best way to stop bad dog behavior is to be consistent. If you let bad dog behavior slide from time to time, you are sending your dog a mixed message which will only make dealing with the behavioral issue much harder in the long run.

For instance, if your dog has a tendency to jump on people, you can not let him jump up on you and expect him to know that he can’t jump onto others. It is important to set boundaries for your dog and to reinforce then constantly. By being firm and consistent, you are showing your dog that you are the pack leader and that you are going to enforce the rules.

Another question that I hear frequently is concerning the use of shock collars and other electronic devices in stopping bad behavior. I must tell you, I am not a fan of using shock collars to break the behavior unless you fear that your dog is going to hurt themselves or someone else.

A good example of this is a dog that won’t stay in the yard and often wanders into the street. Their are many other ways of dealing with it, shocking devices should only be used as a last resort. Some other alternatives that I would recommend first are a spray bottle or a can with some gravel in it. Both can serve as a harmless distraction method allowing you to get your dogs attention quickly.

Dealing with bad dog behavior can be time consuming and often draining on the owner. Others will see your dogs behavior as a reflection of you, if you remain consistent, the process of training your dog and breaking him of it will pay off immensely in the long run. You and your dog will be much happier once you are able to stop the bad dog behavior and let your dog know that you are the one in charge.

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