Why do dogs jump on people? – The Truth About Dominant Dog Behavior

Did you know that a dog jumping up on people is a sign of dominant dog behavior?  Dominance issues are one of the more serious dog behavior problems.  If a dominant canine is causing headaches for you, you need to stop dog jumping now.

Dominant Dog Behavior

Canines are pack animals.  Each pack has a leader who asserts his dominance over the other individuals in the group.  The leader will often do this by “jumping up” on another pack member and putting one or both front paws on the other’s shoulders.  Are you seeing any similarities here with your pup’s behavior?

Watch how two canines greet each other.  Each will stand quietly and allow the other pup to sniff him.  They don’t jump all over each other when they first meet.  This kind of behavior is very ill-mannered in the canine world, because, as mentioned above, putting front paws on another individual is a way of asserting dominance.  

In the pack, a subordinate individual would NEVER jump on the pack leader.  The leader will not tolerate this behavior if he wants to remain the leader, so he corrects the subordinate pup immediately.  

If you allow your pet to jump up on you, and you don’t correct him right away, you’re confirming to him that he’s the alpha dog in your household.  This is a sure recipe for dog behavior problems.

Controlling A Dominant Dog

It’s important that you don’t allow your pet to jump up and get his front paws on you.  If he attempts to jump up on you, turn to the side and block him with your hip.  If he manages to get his paws on you, turn your back on him and make a point of ignoring him.  Once all four feet are on the ground, tell him to “sit” and then pet him.  

Never reward him with attention for jumping up on you.  If he ambushes you and gets those front paws on you, don’t yell “no” or back away or push him off with your hands.  He’s liable to think you’re playing with him, which will make him jump even more.

A dominant dog will often demand your attention.  You must be the one who decides when he gets attention.  Ignore him when he demands that you pet him.  If he’s very insistent or pushy, use a water pistol to squirt him in the face.  When he gets down, tell him to “sit” and then pet him.  Never give in to his demands.

Make him earn your attention.  Have him sit-stay before you pet him.  Your dog needs your love and attention, but you need to give it to him on your terms, not his.

More Dog Obedience Tips

Consistency is extremely important to stop dog jumping.  You won’t be able to end any dog behavior problem if someone in your household is encouraging it.  

Spend ten minutes a day training your pup.  You’ll be amazed at what a difference even a few minutes a day will make in his behavior.

Your goal now is to look for a good dog training course so you can learn to control dominant dog behavior.  Try to find one that offers a free consultation with an experienced dog trainer, so you can avoid accidentally reinforcing problem behaviors.  With love and attention, you can stop a dominant dog jumping up on people.

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